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Iran:Coronavirus Epidemic Shows Tehran’s Willingness to Sacrifice Its Own People.

doctors for iran – twitter screenshot by Dr. Ali Zahedi.
The Iranian regime does not care about its people’s well-being. It cares even less for the well-being of those living outside Iran. If this was not clear from the entire range of that regime’s behavior over the past 41 years, it has surely been made clear by its response to the outbreak of coronavirus over the past month.
I, along with Iranian physicians, medical experts and nurses from 10 different locations around the world took part in an internet conference on this Sunday, March 28, the third such conference since March 8 discussing the start and spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Iran. Along with our colleagues, we published a report on various aspects of the virus spread in the country.
Iranian officials put the death toll at 2517 and total cases at close to 35000. But the real figures are much higher. The leading voices of domestic opposition to the regime revealed that Tehran has been covering up the real numbers. They put the death toll close to 13000 in 231 cities. This means that at least 100,000 people have been infected already.

There’s nothing else that foreign powers and human rights groups can do but state their case. Either the regime will recognize the need for a change of strategy, or it will hide from reality long enough to stoke even greater rage among its people. The ultimate outcome is likely to be the same: people will continue to gain leverage against that regime. As the COVID-19 crisis makes clear, the most pressing question is how many lives Tehran will be permitted to sacrifice in order to forestall that outcome.
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