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A report by economist, Mahmood Jamsaz, released in Tehran on April 29th, highlighted the needless poverty experienced by a majority of Iran’s working population. Jamsaz mentioned the shocking example of those ‘unofficial’ workers who live, sleep, and work on garbage dumps, sifting out what little they can find to eat or sell.

“Here you see minors, weak minors who struggle hard to make ends meet… They see no future for themselves… I know that this report may upset you… However, it is not about demonizing or whitewashing, it is the bitter truth that no one can and should hide. ”

The shocking condition of so many Iranian workers is in contrast to that claimed by the regime of Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. Regime officials insist that the Iranian people enjoy honor and security under the rule of the mullahs.

Jamsaz says that over 75 percent of the population is living in poverty in Iran. He says that the situation deteriorated markedly after big increases in gasoline prices last year. The increases were the main reason for the huge protests across Iran last November. 60 million people were given a token $ 62 loan as a subsidy after the protests. Jamsaz says the idea of ​​such a derisory loan was a joke.

Adcali.com 5 May 2020