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Iran: Protesters killed by security forces honored across the country.

Iranian Resistance Units commemorate martyrs of the November 2019 protests

Iran, October 31, 2020—During major protests that erupted in November 2019, Iranian security forces gunned down and killed 1,500 civilians. As the anniversary of the uprising approaches, many Iranians are celebrating this turning point in the country’s history by honoring the martyrs who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom. In recent days, those who lost family and friends in the protests have been ceremonies in honor of their loved ones in different cities. These ceremonies are met with widespread support and sympathy by many Iranians who share in their grief and their desire to live in freedom.

In the same vein, Resistance Units, the internal network of the Iranian opposition movement the People’s have been organizing widespread activities across the country in honor of martyrs of the November protests and in a pledge to continue the struggle for freedom.

Adcali.com 31.10.2020