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Iran: She was Helping the Injured when They Killed Her.

Amenah Shahbazi was a housewife and mother of 15-year-old Amir Hossein, 12-year-old Mersad, and 4-year-old Baran .
she ran protests against fuel price hike continued in .

Ameneh Shahbazifard. She was shot dead on Sunday, November 17, 2019, but her body has been just recently handed over to her family who were told to bury her in the dark of the night. Ameneh Shahbazifard,34، She was trying to help someone wounded, but was shot in the head by security forces.

Fresh reports from Iran indicate that the wave of arrests is continuing throughout the country and the number of those detained has surpassed 10,000.

The Iranian regime has made a detention center out of many elementary schools which is violation of international conventions. A video clip posted on the internet shows how the Quds elementary school for girls was turned into a detention center by security forces. Young men, blindfolded and handcuffed were first taken to this place to be transferred to prison.

adcali.com 26 November 2019