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Iran:In dangerous conditions, the coronavirus to infect Iran، There are more than 7,000 street and working children in Tehran.

here are more than 7,000 street children and workers in Tehran 7,400,000 children without education throughout Iran.

“According to estimates, there are between 7,000 and 8,000 working children in Tehran,” said the deputy director of social affairs for the regime’s welfare organization.

According to ISNA, Habibollah Masoudi Farid said that reasons such as poverty, poor family welfare or the presence of non-Iranian children in the country, especially in metropolitan areas, are among the reasons for the presence of working and street children.

Masoudi Farid acknowledged that in the case of garbage children, “the masters are in fact municipal contractors, with the approval of the municipality to ban the employment of children in the field of garbage collection.”

In the end, Masoudi Farid emphasized: “One of the reasons for the suspension of the children’s collection plan last year was that after the start of the collection in the care space, which was enough for 50 children, 100 children were placed next to each other and we could not continue this project.” Let’s give. Although Mr. Rahmani Fazli also emphasized the cooperation of other agencies, the partner agencies in the collection plan after the first phase have not cooperated with the Welfare Organization. ”

adcali.com 20 April 2020